Harlem Shake

Dawson and his sister couldn’t pass up on the latest internet craze.  Here is their rendition of the Harlem Shake.


Disney Pixar Cars – Prince Wheeliam

Before “Cars 2” was released, we saw a promotional photo released of a new car called Prince Wheeliam. From the moment we saw that car, we knew that we had to own the diecast model. This car is just amazingly beautiful. And then last summer, the diecast was officially released. Now for the bad news… because he is a “Chase” model, this makes the car SUPER rare. And despite repeatedly stopping in every single Walmart, Target, and Toys R Us, our search was unsuccessful. Our next option was going to be eBay, but we’d prefer to NOT spend $30 on this one car (it retails for only $4 in stores (if you can find it).

A couple months ago, we picked up an extra Rip Clutchgoneski (as mentioned in our Christmas Cars posting) for a fellow collector. They said that they already had that car and politely passed on the one we bought. So we stored it in a closet with plans to just return it to the store. But then we looked up the value online and found Rip was also selling for $30.

That’s when we turned to the message boards. One of our Favorites is Cars The Toys and we found a dedicated Trading Board. And in no time, we had 2 offers to swap our Rip Clutchgoneski for a brand new Prince Wheeliam.

So without further ado, let us present Prince Wheeliam:

Prince Wheeliam - on Card

Prince Wheeliam – on Card

He looks good on the card, but we just couldn’t resist taking him out.

Prince Wheeliam - Top View

Prince Wheeliam – Top View

The paint job is amazing, with the Union Jack flag highlighting the top of the car, and running down the front and back as racing stripes.

Prince Wheeliam - Front Angle

Prince Wheeliam – Front Angle

It goes without being said that he’s the car-ized version of Prince William.  In the movie, he is always cruising alongside the Queen (his grandmother).

Prince Wheeliam - Rear View

Prince Wheeliam – Rear View

We have yet to decipher the license plate, “LR58 GYI”.  Any guesses what this stands for?

Prince Wheeliam - Rear Angle

Prince Wheeliam – Rear Angle

He’s modeled after the Bentley Continental GT, which is one of the top cars on our “if we win the lottery” wishlist.  I’m sure you can see why.

Prince Wheeliam - Rear Top Angle

Prince Wheeliam – Rear Top Angle

You can’t stop looking at it either, can you?

Prince Wheeliam - Side Profile

Prince Wheeliam – Side Profile

Pure royalty from bumper-to-bumper.

Needless to say, we’re excited to add Prince Wheeliam to our collection!  Leave us a comment and let us know what you think of the prince.

Pics – Hot Rod Lightning McQueen & Fabrizio

As promised, here are some detailed pics of the new Chase Hot Rod Lightning McQueen and Fabrizio from the Disney Store. These ones are 1:43 scale (bigger than the 1:55 scale that Mattel produces).

Hot Rod Lightning McQueen - Front Angle

Hot Rod Lightning McQueen – Front Angle

Hot Rod Lightning McQueen is on fire!

Hot Rod Lightning McQueen - Top Angle

Hot Rod Lightning McQueen – Top Angle

Jet black with custom red decals and flames all over

Hot Rod Lightning McQueen - Rear View

Hot Rod Lightning McQueen – Rear View

The stealth look of this car is beautiful!

Fabrizio - Top Angle

Fabrizio – Top Angle

Fabrizio is 100% Gold… colored.

Fabrizio - Front Angle

Fabrizio – Front Angle

Definitely one of the slickest vehicle designs in the entire movie.

Fabrizio - Profile

Fabrizio – Profile

This is one aerodynamic vehicle!

Fabrizio - Rear

Fabrizio – Rear

Tigre (Tiger) is a town in the Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. Today’s geography lesson is brought to you by Disney/Pixar (and Wikipedia).

Fabrizio - Top Rear

Fabrizio – Top Rear


Cars 2 Screenshot - Fabrizio

Cars 2 Screenshot – Fabrizio

Every time we show someone this car, they say “I don’t remember him from the movie”.  well… here he is.  Proof that Mattel didn’t just make this guy up.

Giugiaro 2009 Frazer-Nash Namir concept car

Giugiaro 2009 Frazer-Nash Namir concept car

He is modeled after this beauty… the Giugiaro Hybrid Namir Concept from 2009– a true masterpiece! This photo is courtesy of Autoblog.