CHASE Cars! Cartney Brakin, Officer Murakarmi, & Becky Wheelin

We normally aren’t this lucky, but we were able to score 3 new chase cars! We were originally going to keep these in their cards and on display in Dawson’s bedroom, but that’s no fun. These 3 cars certainly do not disappoint. Check out Dawson’s video review:

And since these cars are just so beautiful, we took lots of photos.

Cartney Brakin is lightning McQueen’s #1 fan.

Cartney Brakin - On Card

Cartney Brakin – On Card

Cartney looks great in the package… but even better outside. The lightning bolt comes as a separate piece and needs to just be inserted into a hole in the top. It stays in nicely, though… so no worries over it just falling out.

Cartney Brakin - Front Angle

Cartney Brakin – Front Angle

This character’s design is top-notch! Nothing says “Lightning McQueen’s Biggest Fan” like an exact replica of Lightning’s paint job. We’ve been waiting for this car to be released since we first saw the movie.

Cartney Brakin - Side View

Cartney Brakin – Side View

Check out that lightning bolt. If you look close, you can see the words “Lightning McQueen” inside the bolt.

Cartney Brakin - Side Angle

Cartney Brakin – Side Angle

Such a happy little car.

Cartney Brakin - Top Angle

Cartney Brakin – Top Angle

The details never end!  Ka-Chow!

Officer Murakarmi is an airport security guard, responsible for guarding the gates.

Officer Murakarmi - On Card

Officer Murakarmi – On Card

This diecast is pushing its size limits in that package.  We’d better let him out.

Officer Murakarmi - Front Angle

Officer Murakarmi – Front Angle

Don’t mess with this guy.  He’s nearly 100% diecast (only the sirens on top are plastic).

Officer Murakarmi - Top Angle

Officer Murakarmi – Top Angle

The expression on this car is awesome too.  We love when they add personality into the diecast cars.

Officer Murakarmi - Rear Angle

Officer Murakarmi – Rear Angle

Security guard #65

Officer Murakarmi - Low Angle

Officer Murakarmi – Low Angle


Becky Wheelin only appears as a passerby in the airport scene.  Why use such a terrific character as an extra?  Let’s start a petition to get Becky a better role in Cars 3!

Becky Wheelin - On Card

Becky Wheelin – On Card

Say cheese!

Becky Wheelin - Front View

Becky Wheelin – Front View

The metallic paint job on this car is amazing!

Becky Wheelin - Rear View

Becky Wheelin – Rear View

So sparkly!

Becky Wheelin - Front Angle

Becky Wheelin – Front Angle

We’re not sure why… but Becky Wheelin is a FAST car!  We played with the cars back-and-forth for a while and Becky was rolling more than twice as far as the other cars.  Just be careful that she doesn’t hit the wall and scratch that beautiful paint job.

We’ve got some Chase cars from the first “Cars” movie that we’re getting ready to open, so be on the lookout for that.  And we’re also hitting up stores more than usual… not just because of the upcoming holidays, but because we hear that Prince Wheeliam is on the loose… and he is one of Dad’s favorites!  As soon as we find it, we’ll post it.  Wish us luck!

We’d love to hear your feedback.  Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think.  Do you have a favorite Chase car?

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Lightning McQueen Hawk (Pixar Cars)

Dawson’s back!  Our apologies for the delay, but kindergarten’s been taking up a lot of  our time.  Now that we’re in a good groove with things, we’re ready to start blogging again.

Lightning McQueen Hawk - Front Angle

Lightning McQueen Hawk

To celebrate Dawson’s first year of kindergarten, mom picked up this awesome Lightning McQueen Hawk, the official Mattel 1:55 scale diecast from the Pixar animated short, “Air Mater”. It’s part of the new “Cars Take Flight” lineup of diecast cars.

When we say “diecast”, we’re not kidding… This thing is full diecast. It is definitely solid and well worth the sticker price of $5.99. We got this car a few weeks ago and it’s certainly racked up a lot of miles of playtime since we got it. But let’s face it… Anything Lightning McQueen is guaranteed to be played with at our house… more than any other toys.

It was enough fun to motivate a 5-year-old to make another YouTube video. Check out his newest video review:

And because the video does not do this toy any justice in the detail department, here are some pictures too:

Lightning McQueen Hawk - Rear Angle

Lightning McQueen Hawk

Lightning McQueen Hawk - Front View

Lightning McQueen Hawk

Lightning McQueen Hawk - Rear View

Lightning McQueen Hawk

As you can see, the eyes have a really nice tinted plastic shield over them. This detail is especially nice. The logos and paint job are also very sharp. Once Dawson moves on from this toy, it’s going on display in his room. It’s definitely one of our favorites.

We’re just starting to find new Cars toys in the stores (it’s not just Lightning and Finn McMissile anymore). So be on the lookout for some more Cars Toys reviews in the near future.

We’re really glad to be back. So, please leave us a comment below and let us know what you think. You can also subscribe to the blog and to our YouTube channel. Thanks for visiting!