Cars Collect & Connect Puzzle

Disney Pixar Cars Collect & Connect Puzzle - Box 2 of 4

I think we should file this under “Dawson’s Steals and Deals”.  We’ve had to pass on these puzzles several times in the aisles because of their original $6.99 price tag.  But then we saw this at Target, priced at $2.08 and we couldn’t pass it up. (Note the multiple clearance stickers on top of one another.)  At first, we thought that it maybe was missing the “Exclusive” diecast, but after a few box flips, we found him hiding against the side (still attached to a small piece of cardboard).

Disney Pixar Cars Collect & Connect Puzzle - Raoul Caroule Diecast

Now, depending on the kind of collector you are, this “Exclusive” car may not be all that exclusive.  It’s essentially the same Raoul Caroule car that was released on the cardback… except the white stripe in the middle has been replaced with silver (not that big of a difference).

This is puzzle #2 of 4.  And when you put it together, you get a small racetrack.  Of course, the intention is that you would buy all 4 puzzles and “connect” them together (sit them side by side… no real “connecting”), giving you one big racetrack.  Each puzzle is 24 pieces, so we assumed it would be simple, but since it’s 24 pieces that are mostly identical (all just sections of road), it may take your little one a bit longer than a usual 24-piece puzzle.  To see this thing in action, check out Dawson’s newest YouTube video:

So the big question…. is it worth it?  You can tell from the video that Dawson definitely has fun with it.  The idea of being able to play with a puzzle after you build it (instead of just building and tearing down) is really nice!  We had no problem spending two dollars on this.  Would we buy it at full price?  Um…. maybe if we didn’t already have the original Raoul diecast.  We may pick up the other three, but only if we can get them on clearance.


2 thoughts on “Cars Collect & Connect Puzzle

  1. Thanks, Jacqueline. They’re from the “Cars 2” soundtrack. It’s music by Michael Giacchino, who is one of our all-time favorite composers. He composes nearly all Pixar movies as well as LOST and Alias. If you ever have a chance to check him out on iTunes, his stuff is terrific!

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