Spider-Man Storybook Collection

Last week, at the library, our spider-sense was tingling.  And when we made it over to the “New Release” wall, we found the Amazing Spider-Man Storybook Collection.  We consider ourselves extremely lucky here because this book is brand new!  And I can honestly say that after spending a week with the book, I think this is one we’re going to have to buy.  (Dawson was quick to put this one on his Christmas list.)

Amazing Spider-Man Storybook Collection - Cover

For a kid that is just learning to really read, we still prefer the Level 2 Reader books because they’re a lot more simple for a 5 year old who is just starting out.  This book is more of a tag-team effort…. Dad reads most words, while Dawson reads a sentence or a few key words here-and-there.

Amazing Spider-Man Storybook Collection - Inside

All of the pages have great colorful action-packed illustrations.  In total the book has 20 stories, covering a wide variety of villains (Doc Ock, Rhino, Lizard, Sandman, Green Goblin, etc.).  The stories all go in order as well, with the first being about Peter Parker gaining his abilities; the second story is about the responsibilities that come with super-powers…. then it’s 18 stories about spider-man facing off against the evil villains.  We have to admit… we were a bit disappointed that they opted not to include Venom, but instead have stories with Black Cat and The Spot.  Venom is Dawson’s favorite, but I guess I understand why they left him out, since he can be a little extra scary for the youngsters.

Amazing Spider-Man Storybook Collection - Birth of the Lizard

The cover price on this book is $15.99 (US), but Amazon has it right now for only $10.87.  Of course, you could always try checking our your local library to see if you’re lucky enough to find it there… but trust us… after a couple stories in, your little one will be hooked, and you’ll need to end up buying it anyway.

Have you read this book?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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