Maker Faire 2012 – STAR WARS!

Today we were asked to help out with a family member at the Detroit Maker Faire and were skeptical about what would be there… but then as we were setting up, R2D2 stopped by.  The whole family lit up and we surrounded him (…it?) and had to take a picture.
We were convinced that was going to be the highlight of our long day ahead of us…. but boy were we wrong….
Clone Troopers
Storm Trooper
Think those are cool?  How about these…
Darth Vader

We were on cloud 9!  Not to mention, we also scored a couple packs of the 3D trading cards for “Empire Strikes Back”, issued by Topps.
Star Wars Empire Strikes Back 3D Topps Trading Cards

Star Wars aside, I have to admit, the Detroit Maker Faire was a blast!  There were really cool crafts, giving us great ideas for new projects… plus lots of cool cutting edge technologies; our favorite was a Soccer Robot that chased after and kicked a red ball around the floor.  We had so much fun!  It also didn’t hurt that it all took place at the Henry Ford Museum (filled with classic cars)!


Autonaut Mater & Lightning McQueen


The first series of toys that we started collecting together was Pixar Cars (Dad has a couple collections in the basement).  There are SO MANY different kinds of Cars toys, but our favorites are the 1:55 Diecast Cars, made by Mattel.  These two are from the Cars Toon short called “Moon Mater”.  The detail on these cars is fantastic!  We love that the helmet is clear plastic!  And the rockets on the back are SO COOL!  And Mater’s expression is classic!  …Not sure why Lightning’s eyes have a pink tint to them, but all of the ones on the shelf were like that.


You can see that no details were missed on this Mater.  Three decals on the side include “NASCA” (the Cars-world version of NASA), the American flag, and this great logo for the “Impala XIII Rescue Mission” (aka “Operation Moon Mater”):


These cars are part of a brand new line called “Take Flight”.  These are already popping up in the “Cars” aisle at Toys R Us and Target (our two favorite “Cars” spots).  Since this line is so new, it’s safe to assume that there will be lots more to come!  Happy Toy Hunting!